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Appetizer 2 Mark Lundholm… – TNT Radio Empire

CLICK HERE!! – Hysterical 20 minutes of Mark L with Todd N Tyler!!!!

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Minute Rice | The Solution News

I don’t want to do a sit-up, but I want abs like that guy on the 3-pack of underwear. When galactic travelers discover the ruins of humanity on earth, they will determine the cause was not crime, cancer or crack. The Decline of Civilization will be an attitude: “Maxi-mum Results for Minimum Effort.” GET MORE [...]

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Palm Gardens Magazine

“So many tangles in life are ultimately so hopeless that we have no other sword than laughter.” – Gordon W. Allport

If you believe that quote to be true, then consider Mark Ludnolm the knight in shining armor to all of those who have suffered, are currently struggling or have supported a loved on in their fight with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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