For My Nurses… Nursery Rhyme

After Courtney was born, her mother had to stay in the hospital for about a week. Every day, our little girl was wheeled from the nursery to my wife’s hospital bed for a visit. About the fourth day, I wrote this poem and scotch-taped it to Courtney’s blanketed bottom, so the nursing staff would see it when they wheeled her back to the nursery.

For My Nurses
(From a Newborn Child)

Like an oyster reveals its precious pearl,
My mother released her little girl.
As the first moments of my life unfurled,
You welcomed me into my new world.

You knew that I was unprepared,
So you sheltered me in arms that cared.
Making sure I wouldn’t feel alone,
You held me close, as if I were your own.

You calmed my parents’ early fear,
About whether or not I could see or hear.
And you helped to tame their racing hearts,
When you showed them I had all my parts.

You made sure my mother got lots of rest,
So each time we’d meet, she’d be at her best.
You had so much patience with my Dad,
Answering the thousand questions he had.

I’m more grateful to you than you will ever know,
For giving me seeds of life to sow.
And I hope when I learn the words one day,
I’ll get the chance to come back and say . . .

“Thank you”

Courtney Lynn Lundholm

Glad I am watched over,

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