Settling for Unsettling

Most of us never get a chance to do anything really difficult. We settle. We coast. We watch, and life goes on by. There comes a time, however, for some of us, where we choose the difficult path because it is the right one. We don’t settle for less than we deserve. There is honor in this choice. There is growth—even if it means the change is painful . . . which it usually is. Significant growth means significant change which comes with significant effort. There is no winning without sacrifice, but sacrifice alone is victory . . . no matter what the results are to be.

Next time you look to a role model or an example of a winner, ask yourself what they must have sacrificed to get where they are. Part of the reason you look up to them is because they are above the crowd in stature or “success”. Maybe they achieved success before you knew who they were. Maybe the sacrifices they made to become great were enough to make them a winner. Victory has its share of anonymous members. Just because someone didn’t notice, doesn’t mean you didn’t win.

Not settled,

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