Kids and Angels

Is there anything more pure, more beautiful than the laughter of a child? I cannot think of one thing I enjoy more. I have a 2 1/2 year old son. There is no end to the laughter in our home these days. He has several types of laughs. There is the two syllable “oh, I get it” subtle chuckle. There’s the short and simple “mine!” or “is that for me?” giggle. He has the “never seen that before “surprise/laugh combo. Then there’s my favorite; the “stop/don’t stop tickling me” laugh-fast. And finally, he has a shrill, high pitched, one-long-note burst of sheer ecstasy! This last one seems to be reserved for animals, gifts, balloons, cartoons, and his Auntie Patty. Any one of these sounds is okay with me. I just love to see him content. One of the delights of being Daddy.

Which brings me to the subject mentioned in the title of this column. I believe in reincarnation, an afterlife, another chance, fate, payback, karma, etc. I think each of us has been here before, probably man times. If you stop reading here, fine. But you’ll miss the best part of this article: proof. My theory is as simple as the mind of a child: every human being is put on this earth with a purpose. I have discovered mine and maybe you have found yours too. I believe the universe supplies all of us with gifts for survival, skills for success and tools for treating each other with love, tolerance and equality. The fact that many people don’t treat others with fairness or grace is because they were forced to grow up too fast. We grow away from childlike, apart from glee and laughter and sharing. I think that angels from above become children through birth. Their purpose is to bring adults back to the basics: eat, sleep, listen, learn, play, love, laugh, cry, develop! The older we get, the more self-centered and serious we have a tendency to become. Have you ever met the adult that is so unfulfilled, so unhappy that they won’t tolerate smiles or laughter from anyone else? That’s about as far away from angelic as it gets. I think there is endless laughter in heaven. Funny is eternal.

You’ll notice infants don’t talk right away. I think that’s because they have to learn a NEW language. They are born still speaking the language of angels. Wordless expression, completely understood by the purest of souls. You’ll notice babies don’t walk right away either. Again, I believe they have just left their wings behind and it takes them a while to move in the mortal world. But, do you realize also that in the process, as they struggle to learn, to adapt, they also laugh, squeal, giggle, coo, smile, as they battle gravity or the clumsiness of word formation? This awkward path is still enjoyable for them! Have you ever heard a child complain about falling down as they learn to walk? I’m not talking about injury. I’m talking about exercising the option to move their limbs. You ever see them become discouraged about the incoherent babbling they do? No. They are discovering purpose. They are unafraid of wherever it is they don’t know how to go easily. Adults teach a child “uh-oh!” Adults register disappointment or guilt. What if WE are supposed to be the students? What if God’s angels sacrifice heaven’s light to be given another chance to teach, to help, to illustrate love? An angel would sacrifice, right? Would you give up heaven to come back here? Smile, you already have. You’re just too busy and too old to remember.

Infants don’t see clearly right away. Maybe that’s because they still see other angels more easily than human beings do. I believe babies adjust their vision to reality only after a period of distancing themselves from perfection. Watch children watch other children. Smiles, intrigue, recognition! “We are kin, angels sent here to be together to achieve something special!” Kids love to look at other kids! I also think infants can still see other angels to reassure them during the transition from heaven to human. My son has seen angels or beings not of this earth since he was a month old. Talks to them too. First thought wrong: “Great! My Grayson is a whack job, touched!” Second thought is “sure he’s touched… By God.”<

Once children begin to adapt to life on earth, they are too soon taught to separate from one another. Clothing, toys, cars, and foods. All of these things (unnecessary in the afterlife) teach a child that they are not equal, not alike, not one with the universe. It seems the more stuff we give our children, the more distance we put between them and true happiness. I wish I remembered how it felt not to need so much. Adulthood robs most of us of our ability to act as a simple, unified force. I’m not judgin’, I’m just sayin’. Next time you get a chance, watch a whole schoolyard full of little kids. (Not in a creepy way, ok?!) They almost move as a wave on the ocean or like a gaggle of Geese. Natural. Effortless. One. I think angels fly in clusters. I think children are born in waves. A generation. The word “generate” implies movement. From perfection to birth, from heaven to earth. Then life happens, lessons are taught, pain is passed through, age is accrued and death brings us full circle back to angel. My personal opinion in that when any human being dies at an early age, tragically or way too soon? It’s because heaven was running short on angels that day. God brought the BEST ones home first.

I believe that older human beings, senior citizens, Grandparents, crazy old farts that wise-crack endlessly are so happy and full of joy because they are nearing the day where they will be given back over to angelhood. They are closer to where they are going to be appreciated, rewarded and truly loved. I’m not sure how long we get to stay in heaven. Maybe it’s as brief as a human life. Maybe it’s one forever after another. The question is, because I am no angel, how will I spend THIS time? Here. Laughing, like a child, I hope. And… laughing like a child… I hope.

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