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Everyone Wins Here

My job is to entertain and perhaps enlighten the masses with comedic, relevant material and to perform (when invited) for groups of damaged or diseased families, professionals and treatment providers. I LOVE that work! I do it more than three hundred times a year. But it comes with a price: The experience of watching addicted, alcoholic, misinformed families never get the help they need because this disease is costly.

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Where’s YOUR show?

Reality TV is like saying expert parent, intelligent bigot, sleepy meth-head, honest politician, sober alcoholic. The two words don’t seem to belong together. Ok, maybe the last example might be out of place there. But alcoholics can get sober, not de-alcoholicked. Back to the television. WTF is with DWTS and all of these other inane [...]

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Whine Tasting

Bitter: Never a positive, flavorful experience. Yet, for some insane, unfathomable, ridiculously evil reason, I keep reaching for that cup of hurtful, horrible hemlock again and again and again. Some days, I actually PREFER the putrid aftertaste of resentment, shame, guilt and envy. “Gimme a double! I am gonna drown my consistently successful effort and [...]

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Kids and Angels

Is there anything more pure, more beautiful than the laughter of a child? I cannot think of one thing I enjoy more. I have a 2 1/2 year old son. There is no end to the laughter in our home these days. He has several types of laughs. There is the two syllable “oh, I get [...]

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No Mean Feet

I HAVE FLOWN IN DARKNESS, lightning, fog, rain, wind, clouds and brilliant sunshine. Sometimes all in the same day. I have always made it to my destination, even if it wasn’t the site I had originally planned to land, even though it wasn’t the initially scheduled hour of arrival. With air travel, like life’s path, there [...]

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Holiday Trappings: More Presence?

Are you happy yet? Has the season of giving allowed you to receive everything you wanted? Welcome to the paradox of the “joy vortex.” The more you take, the emptier you get. If you want to feel full, give a little more than you want. You want to feel totally complete? Give it everything you have [...]

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Tools and Weapons

Like a lot of people, I used to consider this disease a penalty. I didn’t understand the first rule of survival: what doesn’t kill you…can make you unforgettable! I have a tendency to overestimate the power of the negative and ignore the potential of hope, health and heart. I have always been a glass totally empty [...]

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Dozens of Cousins

I have been told that everything is relative. I am beginning to believe it might be true. Related, connected, interwoven, whatever. The semantics aren’t as important as the idea; that all things lead to, come from, or belong with all other things. As basic as this: automobiles are related to dinosaurs are related to the oceans [...]

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How Big is Yours?

Now that I have your attention, are you secure enough to answer? Do you measure up? By comparison, are you happy with the size of your humor muscle? For some recovery people, the answer is easy; “Absolutely!” For others, the confusion surrounding this question can be frustrating. “What humor muscle?! Where is it? How do I [...]

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Perfectly Broken

I have a chemically challenged anatomy, a drug resistant soul and a penchant for guessing incorrectly when it comes to the betterment of others… and I talk to myself as well. Because I am terminally self-centered, there are certain symptoms I display: I am spiritually retarded, emotionally invisible, financially irresponsible, socially phobic and almost pathological when [...]

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